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Andy McKee

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An instrumentalist with dazzling technique on the acoustic guitar is an artist on a meteoric rise in the live event performance marketplace.

Though Andy is one of the most seen and heard musicians on the web with tens and tens (and tens and tens) of millions of gross impressions on Youtube and Myspace in the past sixteen months alone; it is Andyís engaging live performances and rock solid touring calendar that has seen him grow a global audience by playing upwards of two hundred dates a year. Since his music has continued to explode virally across the web proliferating on numerous global web sites and is consistently logging 50,000 plus impressions on Youtube and Myspace every day he is poised to make a major commercial break through.

Indeed, if it was just a single video that became a viral success on the web this could be dismissed as a blip as his 15 minutes of glory. True, Drifting, is in the top eight of all music videos ever presented on the web and gaining towards number one; yet, Andy has had similar widespread exposure with multiple other tracks: Rylynn, and his inspirational cover of Totoís Africa easily in excess of 5 million views each and he has other tracks not far behind in viewed counts. Plus, when you are hailed by your peers as a true virtuoso of the instrument and an all around great person, it is easy to see why the music community and fans of popular music alike so abuzz with anticipation of his career trajectory. Of course, it might be that audiences are starting to discover that he was also a stand-out musical voice on Josh Grobanís most recent multi-platinum Christmas record Noel.

In recent years Andy has been placed in one of the top two or three spots at the National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition. This has firmly cemented him into the elite echelon of world-class guitar players.


Andy McKee

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Andy McKee 
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