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The Billy Fury Story

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Halfway To Paradise - The Billy Fury Story

performed to over 1,000,000 people

It's now been 20 years since Fury’s Tornados donned the suits once more, tuned up their instruments and stepped back out onto the stage to perform the songs that have bought so much pleasure to so many fans across the years. They are, of course, the songs of Billy Fury. An icon of British pop, Billy was a true Rock ‘N’ Roller. During the 60’s he sold more singles for Decca than the Rolling Stones, and amazingly scored more hit 45’s in the 60s than the Beatles!

“As Fury’s Tornados, we were Billy’s longest serving band, backing him throughout the 70s. After Billy ceased touring through ill health, we split and went our separate ways, convinced that no one could ever come close to sounding or looking like our old friend, colleague and boss”

In 1996 a young man appeared on national TV singing “Halfway To Paradise”. That man was Colin Gold and his voice and manner were good - very good….. Of course, no one could ever replace Billy, but Colin has an uncanny natural vocal ability that both Fury’s Tornados and fans alike adore. “A voice blessed from Heaven” is how Brian Matthew described Colin when introducing the boys in 1999. The rest, as they say, is history. After some months rehearsing, the show was born and on February 14th 1997 “The Billy Fury Experience” hit the stage.

“Billy’s long time partner Lisa Voice introduces the show and sums up beautifully the bond that built up between Billy, Lisa and us."

“Billy Fury was unique - devastatingly handsome. Girls went wild for him. Guys wanted to be him. We were lucky, very lucky to have been a part of his history. Each night that we perform his songs again we feel privileged to do so. Our aim over the last thirteen years has been to keep the memory and spirit of Billy alive whilst hopefully bringing his music to new fans too. We have had a fantastic time so far, and with the talents of Colin Gold at the forefront of the show, rest assured we’ll keep on rocking till we drop!

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