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Black Fuzz

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Trying to pigeonhole Nottingham three-piece The Black Fuzz is like trying to shove a canoe into a blender, it just isn’t going to happen - what’s more, why would you want to? Known for their raucous performances and their scruffy rock swagger they put everything into live performances and will burn up the stage with kinetic energy.

So, there’s a gun to our head and we have to sum up the sound – where do we start? Take the best of The Subways and then sprinkle it with a little White Stripes. Then, like a Great White Shark, drag that combination out into the deep water and as it thrashes about, start stripping it to the bare bones – the sound it makes as you tear into its flesh is the unique sound of The Black Fuzz. Or, put another way, their songs are edgy, catchy and steeped in real emotion.


Black Fuzz

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