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The Circus Of Horrors

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Awe Inspiring, Jaw Dropping, Horrific & Terrific

Set in an archaic institution on the edge of Paris, a side show owner, Dr Haze buys the mad house to present his new show ‘Bloody Thirsty & Burlesque’ but while Paris sleeps the inmates run riot. Beware - The lunatics have taken over the Asylum!

It is a staggering 13 years since the Circus of Horrors first trampled the bloody boards and has since toured relentlessly around the World achieving cult status and generally dragging Circus screaming and shouting into the 21st century and beyond. NOW the whole evil ensemble is back with a BRAND NEW SHOW.

‘The Asylum’ threatens to stimulate all the senses packed with new acts & new shocks that is set to surpass everything that has come before it. The show still contains the crowd favourites but they are now entrapped in a Macabre Mad House until they escape and run amok into the Parisian night life. All intermingled & entwined with oddities, fakirs and death defying Circus acts ‘The Asylum’ is an amazing amalgamation of Witchdoctors, Voodoo Acrobats, A Pickled Person, Bendy Bodies, Demon Dwarfs, Blood Curdling Stunts and Flying Vampires. Presided over by The Undead Ringmaster Doktor Haze who takes you through this hellish tale with the help of the live devil driven rock n’ roll of the The Interceptors From Hell and a huge uncontrollable cast of Burlesque Beauties, chaosmongers and some of the worlds greatest, grotesque, most daring & bizarre Circus acts all Re-Born, Re-vamped & Rockin.

Music & Story by: Dr Haze


Circus Of Horrors (The)


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