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Eric Mongrain

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YOUTUBE videos of 27-year-old Montreal guitarist Erik Mongrain, who plays with his acoustic in his lap, whilst two-hand tapping his way through his instrumentals "AirTap!" and "Percusienfa" have made him an overnight sensation among guitarists and non-guitarists alike. But Mongrain is no one-trick pony. "I don't specialize in any particular technique or tuning," he says. "I want to taste everything I can."
Mongrain puts his money where his mouth is on his debut album, Fates (Prophase Music). He recorded most of the album with his guitar in the standard position, showcasing not only his virtuosic tapping but also a finger picking style that incorporates funky bass lines and explosive harmonics, and even some feisty flat picking. "I can get different textures, different rhythms and different colours," says Mongrain, who uses numerous tunings, many of his own devising. Mixing techniques within the same song, Erik can tap the introduction, fingerpick the verse and then strum the chorus with a flat pick. Come see a unique talent for the first time in Nottingham at the Maze!


Eric Mongrain

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