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Dave Howard started writing songs in and around 2005 about life, love, money (or lack of), women and work. His housemate Steve played lead guitar and between them, they carved out a few half baked tunes. Lewis then moved into the house they were (and still are) living in. There were no more opportunites to play guitar in the 'band' so he opted for the bass. Lewis then started working with Rich. Rich and Lewis became good friends quickly and started talking about music, they soon realised they were both in to the same stuff. Lewis told Rich the score, his mates, Steve and Dave had a few songs which needed work, Rich offered his drumming services and an initial jam was organised in January 2008. The vibes were all good and things clicked instantly. Rich 'officially' joined the band pretty much after the first practise and The Hanging Men were born. The first gig was at the Cremorne pub on London Road on Friday 28th March 08 which was attended by around 40 people, the gig went down really well and others have followed since. The Hanging Men are a Sheffield based band, so our attitude and songs are as Sheffield people would expect, no nonsense, straight talking, in your face, spine tingling, attention grabbing, catchy indie rock n roll tunes. Judge for yourself.


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