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20 Feb 2008 Bossa Nova, Worcester
23 Feb 2008 The Navigation, Derby
8 March 2008 The Sitwell Tavern, Derby
1 April 2008 The Jailhouse, Hereford
4 April 2008 The Shed, Leicester
05 April 2008 Intake Club, Mansfield (supporting Witchfynde)
19 April 2008 The Beer Engine, Coventry
23 April 2008 Robin 2, Wolverhampton - with Skinny Molly (USA)
27 April 2008 The Tardebigge, Reddich
8 May 2008 The Bell Inn, Leominster
10 May 2008 The Roadhouse, Birmingham
25 May 2008 The Downend Festival (@ The Shoe) Bristol
7 & 8 June 2008 Wyeside Festival, Hereford
14 June 2008 RPM Rally Brimingham
21 June 2008 The Sitwell Tavern, Derby
18 & 19 July 2008 Nozstock
25 & 26 July 2008 Rock & Blues Custom Show Catton Hall, South Derbyshire
27 June 2008 Robin 2, Wolverhampton - John Cohglan's Quo
11 July 2008 The Tap & Tumbler, Nottingham
12 July 2008 Private Party
20 July 2008 JBs, Dudley
24 July 2008 The Bell Inn, Leominster
22 Aug 2008 Past it MCC Rally, Worcester
20 Sept 2008 The Beer Engine, Coventry
30 Oct 2008 The Bell Inn, Leominster

..........ABOUT MARS BONFIRE...................

“Best Classic Rock Band of 2007/8”

"These guys are a breathe of fresh air on the rock circuit, a couple of covers and whole host of their own material in the style of Hendrix and Led Zep, they look and sound like every inch of the rock stars they are about to become"

It’s Only Rock’n’Roll Magazine

"…that is some legit shit you have there …keep writing music just how you are, and tell your guitar player I dig his riffs. That's the thing I miss most about the 70's…the riffs… I don't know where the fuck they've run off to, but wherever they were you sure as hell found them. Best of luck…"

Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin

"If you want hair, flares and hard-core rock'n'roll they're the outfit for you..."

Andy O'Hare of

"Mars Bonfire brings a welcome breath of fresh air to a rock genre that has become sadly stale and sluggish. A modern twist on the real classic heavy sound they will definitely appeal to the rocker from past, present and future.

The first track, See The Light, is reminiscent of the heady days when Guns and Roses had hits like 'Paradise City' and there is a subtle undertone that echoes the prog rock era. With this in mind this is powerful music with a modern beat and meaning. Passion and raw energy course through this EP, begging the listening to lose themselves in the heady beat and forget the world outside with its mundane shallowness. This is continued in the second track, You Find You, which is almost hypnotic in its heavy bass and outstanding guitar work. The drummer keeps the tempo under a strict beat that brings the whole track to life and creates a rock heartbeat. By the third track, Here Nor There, you really appreciate the skill and pure talent of all the members of this band, their young age promising much more in the future in a band that is brilliant now and will only get better with time. They will surely climb the rock mountain to the summit.

This is music for the rock connoisseur, and many people will be transported to the surreal atmosphere of a rock concert, even from the comfort of their living room. The whole EP is consistently awesome; for there is no other word fit to describe this wonderful music for the gods. The listener will want to see this band live, as this will take them to the ultimate level of rock pleasure. So don your leathers and black and experience the new phenomenon that is Mars Bonfire. Anyone who does not like this band is surely not a true follower of the heavy rock sound.

Star Rating 5/5"

- reviewing Mars Bonfire’s Debut EP, 2007.

"When I think of the current crop of British bluesy rock bands around I think of Rattlesnake Remedy, Sweet Seduction and Crimes of Passion. Now, I think there's another to add to the list - Mars Bonfire. This EP from Mars Bonfire is full of blues raw sound with all the riffs of an early Aerosmith or even the mighty Zep with a pounding rythm section and the big lungs to compliment the music. The Blues Rock scene is healthy in the UK right now and Mars Bonfire could be adding more life to it, I hope there live performances are as big,musically tight and as full of energy as this recording if so I can't wait to catch the guys live!! See the light is a big rauchous anthem that could become a future signature number for the band in years to come. second rack "you find you" has a Reef Glow quality about it with a softer riff but still with those big vocal sounds that just reminded me of Gary Stringer at times only complete maybe the track could have wound downa little sooner but all the same a great tune. Track 3 "here nor there" Is another big balls out tune with a catchy riff that'll have all you air guitar maestro's pounding your leg and again Martin Martyn's vocals pay tribute to some of the biggest voices in hard rock fantastic sound full of angst and boy he means it!! Of all the demo's and EP's I've heard in the last 12-18 months this in my opinion is one of the most complete and professional ones I've heard and with all the demo's I've heard that says alot!! After all this is very high on my play list right now I'm loving it! Catch them live around the midlands soon they have a comprehensive list of dates on their myspace page - Nice one guys"

Andy, Uk Rox Magazine, 2007

“Mars Bonfire, a couple of years ago Blues man Kev introduced into Derby The Brew and the rest is history. Now it’s my turn, Mars Bonfire are booked into The Sitwell Tavern Derby on a Saturday night, the band arrived and were so laid back they should have fell over. The first thing I noticed was Martin Martyn (vocalist) he looked a bit like Paul Rodgers (Free) in his early days he even had the same stance. Remi Harris lead guitar will definitely be known throughout the land, it’s just a matter of time a brilliant guitarist. Karl Dixon on bass was equally splendid and Shane Dixon on drums (superb) and reminded me of the Groundhogs drummer from earlier times, these guys played with the same conviction of their earlier peers. A time machine taking them back to days of early classic rock legends, Purple and Led Zep would see them playing alongside these great legends in their own right. You’ve got a chance to see them in a few weeks again at The Sitwell Tavern on Friday November 10th this will probably be the best night of the year at The Sitwell. Mars Bonfire released their 1st EP on October 1st 2007 and is available for download at all digital retailers and is also a taster for their forthcoming album”

Mick Moonshine, It’s Only Rock’n’Roll Magazine, October 2007

“I’ve seen maybe a couple hundred bands this year Mars Bonfire are the best”

Mick Moonshine, It’s Only Rock’n’Roll Magazine, October 2007

"A lot of noise has been made about this Herefordshire outfit, people to get excited include the legendary Jimmy Page. And after listening to this belting 3 track EP, it's easy to see why. It's like being thrust back into the 70's, with super slick guitar riffs, catchy rhythm and simple yet affective lyrics. The EP starts with 'See The Light' a fast paced wondrous jam, next on the agenda is 'You Find You' a melodic rock song with some brilliant guitar work. The album finishes with the storming 'Here Not There' which will leave you panting and wanting more.

The whole album reminds of Led Zeppelin, this could be a band that many people have been waiting for, and maybe, just maybe, it might be Mars Bonfire who fill a rock void left in so many of our hearts. Available to download now, I suggest you get it, play it loud, and play it fast. 5/5"

Ian Black, The View Magazine, 2007

Mars Bonfire are a young 4 piece band described as… " guitar rock of the very best sort: hard and dynamic ", "riff-heavy brand of grooving rock 'n' roll", "Electrifying rawk". " Mars Bonfire set the stage on fire with their musical talent, energy and raw charm…". Their sound is most akin to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and other 70s greats mixed with a powerfull modern edge. Mars Bonfire have just recorded an album with top producer Gavin Monaghan (The Wildhearts, The Twang, The Smiths, Mercury Rev, Idlewild, Carina Round, Miss Black America, Jesus and The Mary Chain, The Clash, Nizlopi, Editors, Ryan Adams etc) after signing to Darklight Entertainments.

More reviews of the band:

“Electrifying rawk from the firm local favourites, Martin growling out the vocals with his engrossing stage persona and Remi’s guitar playing straight from Jimi Hendrix’s wildest dreams.”

Mike Wynn from Flat Pack Heroes, reviewing Mars Bonfire live in Hereford on BBC Hereford and Worcester

“…musically you clearly know what you are doing.”

Johnny Rocker, Roadstar

“It’s the sort of CD I don’t want to review because I will put it in my reviewed pile and will rarely have time to go back. It gives me a welcome rush of blood everytime I put it on. It is guitar rock of the very best sort: hard and dynamic. In the tradition of the MC5, Led Zeppelin, and the Black Keys. I have even found myself playing air guitar - its that good.", reviewing Mars Bonfire’s debut EP

“Mars Bonfire set the stage on fire with their musical talent, energy and raw charm which literally oozes from them in each performance.”

Hereford Admag, in a write up on Mars Bonfire

“riff-heavy brand of grooving rock ‘n’ roll… impressively executed by such a talented band”, reviewing Mars Bonfire supporting Rose Hill Drive

“Mars Bonfire light up the audience… Powerfull.”

The Worcester Standard


The Management:
James Little
Darklight Entertainment 58 Speed House Barbican London EC2Y 8AT t 020 7628 5180 f 020 7681 3588 m 07836 210926 darklight_entertainment@yahoo .com

Maria Ward
NGO Solutions Limited, 380 St Albans Road, Nottingham, NG6 9FR t 0115 913 5933 m 07976526258

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