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Miss Bowie

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05/10 :: Lion Inn
19/10 :: The Latch Lifter

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Formed in early 2017, we found each other through our mutual love of David Bowie's music. Although it is early days, and we have only recently started to show ourselves live, it has quickly become apparent to us that we have been extremely fortunate to build this band line up. We have gelled very rapidly, in our collective artistic interpretations of Bowie's music, and mutual understanding of the direction we want to take. Plus, we really are a nice bunch of laid back people! We believe we can offer a unique take on Bowie's music by respecting his genius original versions while also adding musical, vocal, and performance twists, not least by having female lead vocals. We are pretty sure David would have approved, his whole ethos on androgyny, boundary shattering, and most importantly on love, is something very close to our hearts. We really do miss Bowie but we are determined to help his light live on through his music.
Miss Bowie: Jane Roberts
New Killer stars: Melissa Danial-Ward - Guitar & backing vocals
Andrew Baker - Lead Guitar & backing vocals
Phil Hughes - Bass Guitar & backing vocals
Allan McKie - Drums & Percussion


Miss Bowie

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miss bowie 
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