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21/06 :: Beeston Victory Club

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Rockin Dave Diamond. This guy is pure energy personified. Lock up your daughters, bolt down the hatches as this boy will be all over the place. He thrives on the whole experience and comes equipped with a whole host of props to ensure that the night goes off with a bang.

Diamond Dave adds the fun aspect to the smokin gun experience and delivers every night. Even the band are never sure whats coming next. He got the band bug a little later in life than some, but boy does he make up for it. He has fronted several bands in the past but since joining this band has excelled in all departments,

His vocals are powerful, dynamic and passionate, and last but not least he is stark raving bonkers. He knows how to work the crowd to his advantage and creates a wonderful atmosphere which makes the audience feel like they are part of the show, as on many occasions they are...

Dave is the life and soul of the party and never fails to get the room bouncing and singing along, and ensures that everyone that comes to see the show has a rocking good time. His philosiphy on life is to enjoy it to the full, and he certainly knows how to do that.

The backbone of the foursome is firmly set with The Brothers Grim , taking on the roles of both bass guitar and drums. The brothers have a rock solid back beat in their blood and when locked on are as tight as a drum. They produce a thunderous sound that rocks the house. With the kick drum thumping on your chest and the bass waves rattling your trouser legs, they know how to kick it. They have played together for most of their musical life from the early eighties right upto date. Some say there needs to be a special relationship with bass and drums, and this bond is unbreakable. To say that they have done their apprenticeship is an understatement. From the early days when they were playing numerous small pubs the length and breadth of the country, through to what the boys claim was the pinnacle of their career, playing support to super rockers Nazareth, and attaining their dream with a showcase performance at the legendary "Marquee" club in London. All of the hard work finally paid off and the record company letters still hang proudly in the hallway, however it wasn't to be the premier lifestyle, and the guys now know all too well why this is renowned as the hardest industry in the world.

The brothers do not only bring their musical talents to the band but also lend a hand in the backing vocal department providing half of the 4 part harmonies that the band are able to deliver. After chasing dreams for the best part of their musical career, they are now happy to play for the enjoyment factor and they certainly do that. It is plain to see that they enjoy every minute of what they're now doing with smokin gun and this is also evident with the audiences reactions from the smaller pubs and clubs upto the rallies and music festivals that the band are now doing. Although the dream of the big time has now passed, they can still put on a passionate performance enjoyable by all.

Master of the 6 string Kearos is next to come under the spotlight. As the final piece of the jigsaw completeing the creation of the power house that is now known as Smokin Gun. His warm rich sound and tantalising playing style, knowing when to, and when not to... brings a refreshing change and with it a most pleasurable guitar experience.

Having played most of his career in twin guitar bands he has had to adapt his playing style and create a sound that compliments the band and he has excelled all expectations. From power chords to lightning fast guitar solos, from ambient sounds with squeeling delayed overtones to intrecate wang bar creations, backing vocals too, this guy knows just what to do and when to do it and does it brilliantly.

As one of the most experienced band members this guy has a great knowledge of stage craft and a professional attitude towards the music of the dacades that Smokin Gun perform, his crisp tight sound has developed over the years, and his passion for music is easily apparent in his playing style which is truly brilliant.

Here we have an exceptionally talented guy doing what he does best, and it certainly shows from his unrivalled energy on stage that he enjoys every minute of it. Keep one eye on this guy at any Smokin Gun concert as you never know when he is going to pull a piece of brilliance out of the hat, His innovative playing is what makes him one of the finest guitarists on the circuit today


Smokin' Gun

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