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The resident band from Nottingham's Palais De Dance.... back together again
Formed in Kent in 1968,the original line-up consisted of:Andy Kealey(guit/voc) David Bowley(guit/voc),Arthur Sparkes(bass/voc) & Pete Sewell(drums/voc).
The name, 'Tristram Shandy',a book written by Lawrence Stern,was suggested by road/tour manager and lyricist,Michael Farris.
Andy joined the band in 1970.They started working the American air bases all over the U.K. mostly for the 'Mecca' agency.This led to offers of resident work in Mecca clubs and ballrooms.After resident gigs in Birmingham,Jersey,Leicester and Newcastle,they were offered a residency at the Nottingham Palais, where they stayed for the best part of the 70s.It was during this time Andy met up with Jim and John playing in Derby based band,Cincinatti.
In 1976,Andy left Tristram after being asked to join 'The Noel Redding Band' playing alongside ex Jimi Hendrix Experience bass player,Noel, and ex Thin Lizzie guitarist,Eric Bell.He toured and recorded with this band for the best part of '76 and then rejoined Tristram after Noel called it a day with his band.
In 1982,Andy joined legendary Nottingham rock band,'DawnTrader'. This was where the long lasting working relationship with drummer Keith white began. Andy and keith worked together in many bands including:'Andy Boris & Keith'(ABK),with bass player/vocalist Boris Carlin,'Sally's Army'-featuring talented singer/songwriter,Sally Barker and Mansfield based'The Stumble Bros'.
During this period,Jim Price worked 'on the boats' and summer seasons around the UK,and during the 90s with the re-formed T.Shandy,(with Simon Hook on guitar, and Andy 'Chop' Lamb on drums.This lasted for a couple of years doing theatre and festival gigs.In 2006,Andy and Keith met up with Jim, and together they formed blues/rock trio,'Buzzard',(, which continues to this day.Meanwhile,John Grace had been working the cabaret circuit as part of 'The Clockwork Toys',backing Rock and Roll legend,Vince Eager.When Vince asked Jim if he could get a backing band together for him,Jim,Keith,John and Andy formed 'The Memphis Tones'.They now tour the UK rock n' roll,Concert Hall,Theatre and festival circuit as 'Vince Eager and The Memphis Tones'.(
The decision was made to reform 'Tristram' once again to work the club circuit performing 60s & 70s music.Being a four part harmony,guitar based band they are well capable of reproducing iconic songs, from pop to disco,pop/rock and rock 'n 'roll/rock a' billy from the 50s & 60s onward.The band firmly believe in entertaining an audience and giving them what they want, with an added touch of good humour and banter.
Record releases:Hunky Funky Woman/Don't be too hard on me. Worldwide release,except UK.(RCA CPKS1438) 1973. (Banned in South Africa because of suggestive lyrics!)
Sacharine Sandy,Fingers and Thumbs/Mister Blue. Worldwide release,including UK.(Tiffany Records 6121505) 1974.
The band also recorded an album which was never released,it is now in the hands of a publishing company in Canada.


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